Clinical and Experimental Psychology

ISSN - 2471-2701


Psychometrics and Standardization of the Hindi Adaptation of the Daily Spiritual Experience Scale

Akbar Husain, Ruchi Singh, Shah M Khan and Sabira Khan

The Hindi version of Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSES) was administered to 947 adults to determine the psychometric characteristics i.e. reliability, validity and norms. Cronbach’s Alpha of the scale was found 0.86. Content validity of the scale was verified by a number of experts, academicians and professionals. Good correspondence was found to exist between the scale results and the considered judgments of experienced observers. Using a more structured method, confirmatory factor analysis provided evidence of the convergent and discriminate validity. Gender norms applicable to male and female, and religion based norms applicable to Hindus and Muslims for DSES were developed using percentile ranks.