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Prosthetic Hip Joint Infection: An Aluminium Mold for Intraoperative Production of Antibiotic-loaded Cement Hip Prostheses: 3 Cases Report

Truong Nguyen Khanh Hung, Tran Binh Duong, Dao Thanh Tu, Le Nghi Thanh Nhan, Cao Thi and Le Van Tuan

Introduction: To treat hip prosthetic infection, 2-stage revision, including removal and reimplantation, remains the standard treatment for prosthetic infection. Articulating cement spacer has been shown to provide better functional results after reimplantation. However, its cost as a manufactured product is not cheap and the choice of antibiotics is not flexible either. We designed an aluminium mold to make an antibiotic impregnated cement spacer, and replaced it between the first and the second stage. The current study was conducted to test their clinical efficacy.
Case report: We report 3 cases of hip prosthetic infection treatment by using antibiotic impregnated cement spacer made by an aluminium mold. All patients presented to us in first 2-years postoperation and all had a deep infection. Three patients with infected total hip arthroplasties were treated with 2-stage revision using articulating spacers made by an aluminium mold and had a good result.
Conclusion: Treating hip prosthetic infection with these articulating spacers eradicates infection effectively, improves the life quality before reimplantation and provides good final results without significant complications.