Physical Activity and Play as a Medium of Psychological Firs | 47120

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Physical Activity and Play as a Medium of Psychological First Aid (PFA) Leading to Psychosocial Care for Building Resiliency and Helps to Overcome Trauma in Emergency Situation

Madhumita Das and Namita Mohanty

Children use play to express themselves. Play is an extremely crucial communication tool for the child. It serves the same purpose as talking would for adults. And selected toys and materials can help the child to act out feelings and fears as they have experienced them. Children not only express themselves but also learn a lot of new things while playing. When children play or draw, they are able to bring out their frustrations, fears, tension, anger and insecurities. This helps them face the emotions and then decrease the power the emotions have on them. Often we talk about the big disaster impact on children, but for children even if a small bad experience stop/changer the daily living for the child. Same was seen in small primary school in Odisha In this situation of crisis the intervention started “four station of carousal of happiness”. The present study is designed to work on fear and anxiety reduces after the play and physical activities, its called the four station of carousal of happiness with children.