OCD in Ethnic Minorities. | Abstract

Clinical and Experimental Psychology

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OCD in Ethnic Minorities.

Jordan A. Katz, Katrina A. Rufino, Cali Werner*, Elizabeth McIngvale and Eric Storch

This study explored symptomology and treatment seeking behavior of ethnic minority groups with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Results indicated minorities were more likely to endorse the magical/superstitious OCD symptom category compared to non-minorities. While severity and disability levels among all populations for OCD were similar, treatment was alarmingly different. Non-minorities were more likely to receive general counseling (2.09 times), ERP (1.86 times) and to be currently taking medications (1.51 times) than minorities who were 2.00 times more likely to have never taken medication. Our findings indicate that minorities with OCD are under-treated and underserved regarding both psychological and psychiatric services.