Novel Approach: of Nanotechnology | 43945

International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching & Practices

ISSN - 1986-8111


Novel Approach: of Nanotechnology

Gajanan Shinde, Rajesh KS1, Gajanan Shinde

Nanotechnology has created a new horizon in diagnostic as well as therapeutic areas extending itself to even molecular levels because of its adaptability for success at atomic scale. Several delivery systems are being proposed and published worldwide over the last several years. Nanosystems include Dendrimers, Ceramic nanoparticles, Magnetic nanoparticles, Thiamine-targeted nanoparticles, Nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugate, Multifunctional micelle, Carbon nanotubes, Quantum dots, Gold nanoshells etc. for purposes like targeting cancer cells, tissue imaging, thermal ablative cancer therapy, virus detection , noninvasive vaccine delivery etc. We continue with advanced uses like nanoburrs here, which are coated by hydrophilic polymers like PEG capable of travelling through bloodstream and avoids RES scavenging with increased residence time in systemic circulation. Advantages over other products like stents are given and can be utilized in treating those with complicated problems.