Neuroscientific Basis of Decision Making Style among Potenti | 46500

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Neuroscientific Basis of Decision Making Style among Potential Executives of Corporate World

Santa Misra

Neuro-scientific research has now crowned the modern research era throughout the globe. Here is an attempt to focus on Cognitive Neuro science, of which Decision Making Style (DMS) is chosen as one of the imp aspect of it that affects our behavioral manifestation. Almost all activities, achievements, objectives, success and failure of our life is dependent on our decision making process. The multiple system of decision making lead to have a look to the reasons about why people differ in their decision making style. It leads to analyze Identification of core trade-offs imposed by a single-system solution to cognitive problems that are solved by multiple neural systems of Orbito Frontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Amygdala, & other complex neural-systems. With this idea the study aims at analyzing the implicit and explicit analysis of emotional and cognitive parts of Neuro-decision making among the potential executives in their summer training programme, of corporate engineer, to create awareness among the employees on the neuro scientific management of decision making, and its effects in the work place situations. Further out of several other components of DMS, like, Directive, intuitive, Behavioral, Spontaneous(Automatic), sensitive, Sequential, logical, Global, personable, Sensing, thinking, feeling , reasoning, emotional, etc., the Sequential, logical, Global, personable points were analyzed as the effective components of DMS. And an attempt has also made to build brain-based Neuro scientific models, capable of predicting decision making behaviors of the executives in organizational (HRM) sectors.