Migraine in Malaysian Population: A Cause for Alarm | 44321

Journal of Health and Medical Research


Migraine in Malaysian Population: A Cause for Alarm

Tapash Rudra*, Hafizah Che Hasan and Kosheila Ramuni

Headache is the most common disorder of the nervous system, comprising of a number of categories. Migraine is one of the crucial sub-types among them, to be precise. Migraine is holding the third rank in the chronology of disabling disorders across the globe, especially threatening the age group under 50 years, irrespective of the sex. The Malaysian scenario in terms of migraine profiling has not been convincing in comparison to the global picture, simply because the lack of data from this part of the world. In our opinion, the pivotal aspect of treating and subsequently decreasing the prevalence of migraine disorder from the Malaysian population is to educate the civilians as much as possible regarding the dilemma which has been always existing, for going towards appropriate medical intervention.