Low Intensity (0.2T) Static Magnetic Field for Dispersing Nu | 46918

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562


Low Intensity (0.2T) Static Magnetic Field for Dispersing Nucleus Ankyrin G in Human Cultured Glioblastoma Cells

Seung Chan Kim, Wooseok Im and Beom Jin Kim

Biomagnetism is one of important biotechnology fields for manipulation of cell lines. However, its peri-cellular level regulation, upon stimulation is not fully developed. Glioblastoma U87 and U251 represent a malignant model in rapid growing cancer. We focused in cellular level dispersion of static magnetic fields (0.2T=2000 ± 600 Gauss), using its fast growing properties. As a result, cytoskeletal protein nuclear Ankyrin G was dispersed. Membrane barriers in TEM microscopy indicated the membranous apparatus change. Our findings bring an insight that static magnetic stimulation creates a specified cytoplasmic intracellular pattern