Investigating the relationship between satisfaction of forei | 80109

Journal of Health and Medical Research


Investigating the relationship between satisfaction of foreign patients with dimensions of health tourism in hospitals affiliated to Iran University of Medical Sciences

Fatemeh Najafipour Moghadam*, Nader Tavakoli, Khadijeh nemati and Narges Pak

Health tourism provides significant economic, political and social benefits to the active countries, which should be considered in a competitive market. This study aimed to evaluate the satisfaction of patients with other dimensions of health tourism services.This is a descriptive-correlational study based on the method of research. A questionnaire was designed. The first part of the questionnaire contained the demographic characteristics of the participants and the second part included 30 questions about the components that affect the receipt of medical services by foreign nationals. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was obtained using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (0.98), which indicates very strong reliability. Expert judgment was used to assess the validity of the questionnaire. Participants were asked to complete the questionnaire. The data were entered in SPSS statistical software and analyzed using version 25 of this software. To determine the correlation coefficient, first, the items in the questionnaire based on the analysis of the exploratory factor and the opinion of experts were categorized into 5 dimensions.There is a significant relationship between satisfaction of foreign patients with the dimension of health tourism with other dimensions (such as financial, treatment quality, treatment facilities, tourism facilities)in hospitals.This study demonstrates the importance of the mentioned factors in the health tourism services for foreign patients, which should be emphasized by managers in the field of health tourism for short-term and long-term planning to boost and develop it