Implementation of Safety Standards in Saudi Arabian Scientif | 46984

Journal of Arthritis

ISSN - 2167-7921


Implementation of Safety Standards in Saudi Arabian Scientific Laboratories: An Empirical Study

Khaled M Alsubiaee, Mohammad S Alshahrani, Alnashmi B Alazmi and Rifca A Alsadoon

Background: Implementing safety procedures and precautions minimize the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and costs of a consequence of a hazardous work environment. Therefore, the aim of this study is to measure the perception of safety standards implementation at different laboratories at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Methods: A cross-sectional study use questionnaire consists of 25 questions. A total of 73 employees, researchers, and students participate in questionnaires distributed in Riyadh, Dammam and Abha cities on 2016, May 10th to June 5th.

Results: The majority of participants is male, living in Riyadh, married and has an education higher than secondary school. The age of participants is 28 ± 5 years.

Conclusion: The study shows variations in the implementation of security measures and standards at laboratories in three different cities in Saudi Arabia. The Large-scale longitudinal study is recommended for next research.