Impact of Economic Globalization on Life Expectancy in Niger | 47187

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Impact of Economic Globalization on Life Expectancy in Nigeria

Popoola Oladayo Timothy*

In recent years, there are been different opinions about the effects of economic globalization on longevity of citizens in developing countries. While some scholars evidenced that economic globalization has increase major health hazards and transmission of infectious diseases; others revealed that its improves life expectancy through education and access to modern health technology. Therefore, this study empirically examined the effects of globalization on life expectancy in Nigeria between the periods of 1986 to 2016. The research employed Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) to test for the unit root of the variables, and Johanson Co-integration test to investigate the long-run relationship among the variables. The findings of this study indicates that economic globalization have positive and significant impact on life expectancy in Nigeria. Hence, in providing policies that concern globalization in Nigeria, economic-dimension of globalization should be enhanced for it has long-run relationship with enhancement of longevity in Nigeria.