Health-Promoting Effects of a Job Creation Project for the E | 47073

Health Economics & Outcome Research: Open Access

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Health-Promoting Effects of a Job Creation Project for the Elderly: The Case of Korea

Suk-Won Lee and Jae-Young Lim*

Objectives: This paper aims to empirically examine the health-promoting effects of a Job Creation Project for the Elderly.

Methods: The study employs the database combining the 2, 808-person data of Survey on the Participants of 2007 Project and the data of the same people’s annual medical records between 2001 and 2007. In order to avoid the possibility of overestimation, this paper adopts the Cohort Sequential Design to control problems possibly caused by participation time gaps as well as maturation effects and spurious causal effects.

Results: This study finds the participants reduced their annual medical costs by about $188 and no significant difference in terms of the amounts of medical care use was found.

Discussion: The decrease in medical expenditure with no change in the amounts of medical service use implies that participants might have less serious diseases, which cost less because the participants’ health status becomes improved.