Group Processes - The Links between Team Climate Inventory a | 47367

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Group Processes - The Links between Team Climate Inventory and Group Development Questionnaire

Christian Jacobsson and Maria Wramsten Wilmar

The present study analyzed the relationship between two models for effective team work, team climate theory and integrated model of group development, measured by TCI and GDQ. 72 members of 9 Swedish management teams answered the short version of Team Climate Inventory, TCI-14, and Group Development Questionnaire, GDQ. The response rate was 100% since the researchers met the managers on their regular team meetings. It was expected that there would be a close relationship between the two ways of describing effective team work, which was confirmed by the results. There were a very close relationship between the GDQ and TCI scales, 3 out of 16 correlations had a medium effect size (-0.40 to -0.43) and 13 had a large effect size (0.51 to 0.76). The strongest relationship between the two models was displayed between participative safety in TCI and the four scales of GDQ, indicating that participative safety is low in stage I and high in stage IV of the integrated model of group developments.