Emotion Regulation, Stress Hormone Function, and Digital Tec | 92206

Journal of Health and Medical Research


Emotion Regulation, Stress Hormone Function, and Digital Technologies

Derick Homes*

Controlling one's emotions under difficult times is a crucial part of mental wellness. Acute stress, on the other hand, disrupts prefrontal cortex control, leading to a loss of emotion regulating capacities. The stress response stimulates a range of defence mechanisms, including hormone messenger communication, to reduce the threat. We will analyse the current literature in regards to emotion management by better understanding the role of cortisol, the principal stress hormone, and the catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine. We also discussed and highlighted the significance of ICTs, such as online and mobile apps, AI and STEM tools, serious games, e-learning, and tele-education services, in the support and enhancement of emotional self-control and stress hormone management.