Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury I | 47157

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury Induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Computer Users

Sonia Agrawal and Rajajeyakumar M

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most frequent compression neuropathies involving the median nerve during its course through the carpal tunnel. The prevalence in the general population is about 3.0–5.8 percent among women and 0.6–2.1% among men, based on both clinical symptoms and nerve conduction study (NCS). High stress and pressure in the carpal tunnel may lead to the development of CTS. This is now mostly accepted that exposure to hand-arm vibrations and combination of repetitive hand force use may be the causative factor. In the recent years, the widespread use of computers and laptops has lead to a matter of concern whether the use of these devices could be a risk factor in the causation of CTS. Hence this article reviews the relation between computer users and CTS, the methods of early diagnosis and ways to prevent it.