Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis and fungemia co-infection | 58618

Journal of Health and Medical Research


Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis and fungemia co-infection and lymph node tuberculosis: a challenging situation to manage in patients in live with HIV


Cryptococcosis is a fungal disease caused by cryptococcus neoformans; it occurs preferentially in patients in live with HIV (PLHIV), its co-infection with tuberculosis is not uncommon. We report a case of lymph node tuberculosis and neuro-meningeal cryptococcosis and fungemia in a young woman aged 38 and in whom the HIV serology is positive. We underline through this observation the difficulty of taking care of this situation, by exposing the modalities of managing drug interactions, of strengthening therapeutic adherence to ensure a good prognosis. This observation highlights a case of association between lymph node tuberculosis and disseminated cryptococcosis and shows the difficulty of managing these cases in PLHIV, randomized studies including a higher number of patients evaluating these therapeutic procedures described in this article are necessary to validate these procedures, and ensure better care and quality of life for PLWHIV. Keywords: HIV; Tuberculosis; Cryptococcosis; opportunistic infections; Treatment