Chronic Knee Dislocation and Flexion Contracture Treated wit | 46017

Journal of Arthritis

ISSN - 2167-7921


Chronic Knee Dislocation and Flexion Contracture Treated with Open Reduction and External Fixation-A Case Report

Max Lingamfelter BS, Hugo B Sanchez and Russell A Wagner

A 24 year old man presented 18 months after posterior knee dislocation, complaining of pain and inability to extend the knee or walk. An open reduction with posterior hamstring, gastrocnemius, and capsular release was performed and an anterior external fixator was placed to maintain the reduction for 3 weeks. A hinged external fixator was then placed for 4 weeks to maintain the reduction. No ligamentous reconstruction was performed. At one year after the initial operation, the patient had no pain, 5-120 degrees of motion, no clinical instability, and was able to walk. This case is an uncommon clinical scenario, the treatment was relatively straightforward and we were very happy with the result.