Chopped: The Salad Competiton Dietary Behaviors of Urban Col | 45312

Journal of Health and Medical Research


Chopped: The Salad Competiton Dietary Behaviors of Urban College Students

Michele Montecalvo, Alexis L Holder, Rahim McNeilly, Marianne Ellis

Introduction: To measure the dietary behaviors of urban college students 18 to 25, with an evaluation of a nutritional intervention “Chopped: The Salad Competition” by the American Heart Association.

Methods: A convenience sample of 100 students engaged in an intervention and evaluation.

Results: Our sample reported 92.8% had a shift in eating habits since attending college. Notably, 80.7% reported an interest in changing their diets.

Conclusions: College can be a stressful transition for all students, interventions to guide healthy choices for college students should include peer health educators, engaging activities, and create an ongoing atmosphere for supporting continued healthy choices.