Children's Health, Maternal Labour Supply and Wealth Accumul | 46964

Health Economics & Outcome Research: Open Access

ISSN - 2471-268X


Children's Health, Maternal Labour Supply and Wealth Accumulation: Theory, Evidence and Policy Approach

Mbu Daniel Tambi

Understanding the impediments of children’s health on maternal labour and wealth accumulation in Africa is critical. The preoccupation of this study has been to develop a conceptual framework based on exploring the health-labour-wealth relationship. This is, in an attempt to show the centrality and importance of children’s health in understanding: maternal labour supply and wealth accumulation for broader appreciation. Based on empirical evidences, we observed that children’s health positively and significantly influenced maternal labour and also strongly corroborates with wealth accumulation. From policy point of view, investing in children’s health can motivates population growth, increase the supply of labour, promote savings and alleviate poverty.