A Review on Collagen Based Drug Delivery Systems | 43954

International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching & Practices

ISSN - 1986-8111


A Review on Collagen Based Drug Delivery Systems

Vikash Chak, Dharmendra Kumar, Sharad Visht

Due to its biodegradability, biocompatibility, weak antigenicity and well-known safety profile, collagen becomes a very useful carrier for the delivery of various kinds of drugs and agents like growth factors, collagen possess some very unique properties as compare to other drug carriers that’s why a numerous number of researches are in pipeline on this biomaterial. The main application of collagen is collagen shields which are used in opthalmology. However, fundamental awareness regarding collagen biochemistry and the manufacturing knowledge in combination with understanding of the physico-chemical properties is essential for fruitful application of collagen for drug delivery systems. The purpose of this review article is to summarize information available on collagen dosage forms for drug delivery as well as to communicate an outline regarding current preparation of collagen available in market includes - collagen sponges for burns/wounds, mini-pellets and tablets, gel preparations in combination with liposomes for sustained delivery of drug, formulations for transdermal drug delivery, and nanospheres for gene delivery, collagen matrices for cell culture.