Meningioma, Causes & Diagnosis

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Mini Review - (2021) Volume 12, Issue 5

Meningioma, Causes & Diagnosis

Audrey Yang*
*Correspondence: Audrey Yang, Department of Neurology, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan, Taiwan,

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Meningioma, moreover known as meningeal tumor, is ordinarily a slow-growing tumor that shapes from the meninges, the membranous layers encompassing the brain and spinal rope. Indications depend on the area and happen as a result of the tumor squeezing on adjacent tissue. Numerous cases never deliver side effects. Sometimes seizures, dementia, inconvenience talking, vision issues, one sided shortcoming, or misfortune of bladder control may happen.

Risk components incorporate presentation to ionizing radiation such as amid radiation treatment, a family history of the condition, and neurofibromatosis sort 2. As of 2014 they don't show up to be related to cell phone utilize. They show up to be able to make from a number of distinctive sorts of cells counting arachnoid cells. Conclusion is regularly by therapeutic imaging [1].

On the off chance that there are no side effects, occasional perception may be all that's required. Most cases that result in indications can be cured by surgery. Taking after total evacuation less than 20% recur. If surgery isn't conceivable or all the tumor cannot be expelled radiosurgery may be accommodating. Chemotherapy has not been found to be valuable. A little rate develop quickly and are related with more regrettable results [2,3].


Small tumors (e.g., < 2.0 cm) ordinarily are coincidental discoveries at post-mortem examination without having caused indications. Bigger tumors may cause side effects, depending on the measure and area.

1. Central seizures may be caused by meningiomas that overlie the cerebrum.

2. Progressive spastic shortcoming in legs and incontinence may be caused by tumors that overlie the parasagittal frontoparietal region.

3. Tumors of the Sylvian water passage may cause horde engine, tactile, aphasic, and seizure side effects, depending on the location.

4. Increased intracranial weight inevitably happens, but is less visit than in gliomas.

5. Diplopia (Double vision) or uneven student measure may be indications in case related weight causes a third and/or 6th nerve paralysis.


The causes of meningiomas are not well understood. Most cases are intermittent, showing up arbitrarily, whereas a few are familial. People who have experienced radiation, particularly to the scalp, are more at chance for creating meningiomas, as are those who have had a brain damage. Nuclear bomb survivors from Hiroshima had the next than commonplace recurrence of creating meningiomas, with the frequency expanding the closer that they were to the location of the blast. Dental x-rays are related with an expanded hazard of meningioma, in specific for individuals who had visit dental x-rays within the past, when the x-ray dose of a dental x-ray was higher than within the display [4].


Harmful anaplastic meningioma is an particularly threatening tumor with forceful behavior. Indeed in the event that, by common run the show, neoplasms of the anxious framework (brain tumors) cannot metastasize into the body since of the blood–brain obstruction, anaplastic meningioma can. In spite of the fact that they are interior the cerebral depth, they are found on the bloodside of the BBB, since meningiomas tend to be associated to blood vessels. In this way, cancerized cells can elude into the circulation system, which is why meningiomas, when they metastasize, regularly turn up around the lungs [5].


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Audrey Yang*
Department of Neurology, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan, Taiwan

Citation: Yang A, Meningioma, Causes & Diagnosis. J Neurol Neurophy, 2021, 12 (5), 01-02.

Received Date: May 07, 2021 / Accepted Date: May 21, 2021 / Published Date: May 28, 2021

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