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A wired network could be a common kind of wired configuration. Most wired networks use LAN cables to transfer knowledge between connected PCs. in an exceedingly tiny wired network, one router could also be accustomed connect all the computers. Larger networks usually involve multiple routers or switches that connect with one another. one among these devices usually connects to a cable electronic equipment, T1 line, or different kind of net association that gives net access to all or any devices connected to the network. Wired could consult with peripheral devices similarly. Since several keyboards and mice square measure currently wireless, "wired" is commonly accustomed describe input devices that connect with a USB port. Peripherals like monitors and external arduous drives additionally use cables, however {they square measure|they're} seldom referred to as wired devices since wireless choices are typically not offered. whereas several peripherals square measure currently wireless, some users still like wired devices, since they need many edges over their wireless counterparts.

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