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Vortex Stretching Technology Peer Review Journal

In liquid elements, vortex extending is the protracting of vortices in three-dimensional liquid stream, related with a comparing increment of the segment of vorticity in the extending bearing—because of the preservation of precise momentum.Vortex extending is related with a specific term in the vorticity condition. For instance, vorticity transport in an incompressible inviscid stream is represented. In three dimensional turbulence there is on average a cascade of kinetic energy from the largest to the smallest scales of the flow. While the dominant idea is that the cascade occurs through the physical process of vortex stretching, evidence for this is debated. In the framework of the Karman-Howarth equation for the two point turbulent kinetic energy, we derive a new result for the average flux of kinetic energy between two points in the flow that reveals the role of vortex stretching. However, the result shows that vortex stretching is in fact not the main contributor to the average energy cascade; the main contributor is the self-amplification of the strain-rate field. We emphasize the need to correctly distinguish and not conflate the roles of vortex stretching and strain-self amplification in order to correctly understand the physics of the cascade, and also resolve a paradox regarding the differing role of vortex stretching on the mechanisms of the energy cascade and energy dissipation rate. Direct numerical simulations are used to confirm the results, as well as provide further results and insights on vortex stretching and strain-self amplification at different scales in the flow. Interestingly, the results imply that while vortex stretching plays a sub-leading role in the average cascade, it may play a leading order role during large fluctuations of the energy cascade about its average behavior.

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