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A viral disease happens when a living being's body is attacked by pathogenic infections, and irresistible infection particles (virions) connect to and enter vulnerable cells. Models are Human papilloma infection, hepatitis, herpes, and human immunodeficiency infection. The development of novel human pathogens and the reappearance of a few illnesses are of specific worries in the current decade. At an essential level, developing contaminations can be characterized as those ailments whose occurrence has been seen as expanded inside ongoing decades or which have taken steps to increment later on. Such rises are frequently identification/spread of the pathogen in fresher zones, acknowledgment of the nearness of maladies that have been available in a populace though as undetected elements, or because of the acknowledgment of an irresistible etiology in effectively settled diseases. Viral diseases are the infection which caused by virus or microorganisms. the virus that affects the cell or the forming the viral capsule on the surface of the cell which can be started multiplying by themselves and starts spreading which leads to viral disease.

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