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Unconventional Gas Shales

Because shales ordinarily have insufficient permeability to allow significant fluid flow to a wellbore, most shales are not commercial sources of natural gas. Shale gas is one of a number of unconventional sources of natural gas; others include coalbed methane, tight sandstones, and methane hydrates. This is natural gas trapped in formations that are generally not permeable and porous. 3 Coalbed Methane (CBM): This is natural gas found in coal seams. oil and gas reservoir characteristics and associated challenges differ from shale to shale and basin to basin. Our team of technical experts collaborates with operators on active shales throughout North America, to study the respective formations in order to tailor production chemical treatment services to maximize production and improve total cost of operations. We use our innovative, integrated approach to develop customized production chemicals, well treatment systems and service-oriented solutions that allow unconventional shale oil and gas reserves to be developed efficiently and economically.

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