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pharmacology could be a study, overlapping with biology, chemistry, materia medica, and medication, that involves the study of the adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms and also the follow of identification and treating exposures to toxins and toxicants.
Toxicology is a world, peer-reviewed journal that publishes solely the best quality original research and demanding reviews describing hypothesis-based investigations into mechanisms of toxicity related to exposures to xenobiotic chemicals, notably because it relates to human health. during this respect "mechanisms" is outlined on each the macro (e.g. physiological, biological, kinetic, species, sex, etc.) and molecular (genomic, transcriptomic, metabolic, etc.) scale.             stress is placed on findings that determine novel hazards which will be extrapolated to exposures and mechanisms that are relevant to estimating human risk. Toxicology also publishes temporary communications, personal commentaries and opinion articles, moreover as succinct knowledgeable reviews on modern topics. All analysis and review articles revealed in Toxicology are subject to rigorous referee. Authors ar asked to contact the Editor-in-Chief before submitting review articles or commentaries for thought for publication in Toxicology.
Toxicology uses the ability of science to predict what, and the way chemicals might cause damage then shares that info to shield public health. once talking concerning pharmacology it's necessary to stay some things in mind.

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