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Glycomics is the comprehensive examine of glycomes, along with genetic, physiologic, pathologic, and different aspects. Glycomics "is the systematic look at of all glycan structures of a given cell type or organism" and is a subset of glycobiology. The time period glycomics is derived from the chemical prefix for sweetness or a sugar, "glyco-", and was shaped to follow the omics naming convention mounted via genomics and proteomics. Lipidomics refers to a systematic approach to observe all lipids and their interacting partners in a organic system. The mass spectrometry of crude lipid extracts from a organic tissue can generate a fingerprint of the biological sample. Thus, subtle changes within the lipid composition may be detected. It is well mounted that lipids play an essential function in human fitness and disease. However, recent studies show that lipids can affect the differentiation of stem cells, together with the destiny of mesenchymal stem cells. Thus, lipidomics is gaining significance in stem mobile research.

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