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Journal of Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology (JTEFT) is a friend inspected academic Journal that intends to distribute the most complete and solid wellspring of data on the revelations and current advancements in the material media. The Journal scope for the most part incorporates from the material crude materials their handling to the creation of a wide range of material texture and yarns from material strands. The Journal is driven with a powerful urge to give data on ongoing progressions in design innovation everywhere throughout the globe. This is an Open Access Journal that means to distribute the most complete and solid wellspring of data on developments in material handling and style innovation in the method of any sort of compositions. Material Science and Engineering include territories that allude to the ongoing patterns and advancements in the material and texture industry. It is given to the spread of principal, hypothetical, and applied logical information in materials, science, production, and framework sciences identified with strands, sinewy gatherings, and materials. Audit handling is performed by the publication board individuals from the Journal of Textile Science and Engineering or outside specialists; at any rate, two autonomous analysts endorsement followed by editorial manager endorsement is required for the acknowledgment of any citable original copy. Creators may submit original copies and keep tabs on their development through the framework, ideally to distribution. Analysts can download original copies and present their suppositions to the proofreader.

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