International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Tercontinental Faulting

"Analysis of geological positions of the most important oil-and-gas-bearing basins administered on the idea of research data represented within the Geological Atlas of Russiaa€Â and other publications, allowed to mark out petroleum-bearing Ural-African oil and gas belt. This largest on the world belt of hydrocarbons accumulation is connected with the near-meridional band of an enormous long-existing intercontinental faulting (rifting) zone preexistent since Riphean within the central part of Eurasia and elongated with smooth rejuvenation through Paleozoic and Mesozoic into the South Caspian region, The results show that tons of normal faulting type earthquakes are concentrated within the central High Tibetan plateau. Many of them are nearly perfect gravity fault events. The strikes of the fault planes of normal faulting earthquakes are almost in an N-S direction supported the analyses of the Wulff stereonet diagrams of fault plane solutions. It implies that the dislocation slip vectors of the traditional faulting type events have quite great components within the E-W direction."

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