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Telecommunication, science and practice of transmitting information by electromagnetic means. Modern telecommunication centres on the issues involved in transmitting large volumes of data over long distances without damaging loss thanks to noise and interference. Such transmission paths are often divided into communication channels which afford the benefits of multiplexing. Since the Latin term communicatio is taken into account the human process of data exchange, the term telecommunications is usually utilized in its plural because it involves many various technologies. Plasmonic materials, when properly illuminated with visible or near-infrared wavelengths, exhibit unique and interesting features which will be exploited for tailoring and tuning the sunshine radiation and propagation properties at nanoscale dimensions. A telecommunications network is an appointment of computing and telecommunications resources for communication of data between distant locations. Telecommunications links could also be implemented with various communication media, with a corresponding sort of characteristics. The main feature of a medium is its potential transmission speed, also referred to as data rate , which for data transmission purposes is expressed in bits per second (bps).

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