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Strategic management is divided into several faculties of thought. A prescriptive approach to strategic control outlines how techniques must be developed, at the same time as a descriptive approach focuses on how techniques need to be placed into practice. These schools range on whether or not techniques are developed thru an analytic process, in which all threats and opportunities are accounted for, or are greater like trendy guiding principles to be applied. Business culture, the talents and skills of employees, and organizational shape are all crucial factors that have an effect on how an business enterprise can obtain its stated objectives. Inflexible companies may locate it difficult to achieve a converting business environment. Creating a barrier among the development of techniques and their implementation can make it difficult for managers to decide whether or not targets have been correctly met. For example, a for-profit technical university desires to increase new student enrollment and enrolled student commencement prices over the next 3 years. The purpose is to make the college known as the excellent purchase for a pupil's cash among five for-profit technical colleges inside the region, with a purpose of growing revenue.

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