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Soil water is the water that is available in Soil. Soil water is of three types. 1. Gravitational water, 2. Hygroscopic water, 3. Capillary water. Soils can process and hold considerable amount of water. They can take in water, and will keep doing so until they are full, or until the rate at which they can transmit water into and through the pores is exceeded. Water supply through soils is vital for both plants and soil organisms—they need water to survive. Soil water contains nutrients that move into the plant roots when plants take in water. Water enters the soil through large pores (macropores) and is stored in many small pores (micropores). Soil water is also called rhizic water. There are three main types of soil water - gravitational water, capillary water, and hygroscopic water - and these terms are defined based on the function of the water in the soil.

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