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Simulation is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes papers in the field of computer Science. The journal's editor is Levent Yilmaz (Auburn University). It has been in publication since 1963 and is currently published by SAGE Publications in association with Society for Modeling and Simulation International. Simulation publishes articles in areas such as the modelling and simulation of computer networking and communications, high performance computers and real-time systems. The journal publishes original research and review articles devoted to theory and applications, all with relevance to general modeling and simulation issues. Simulation aims to help professionals and researchers apply advances in modeling and simulation to their application areas. Simulation is abstracted and indexed in, among other databases: SCOPUS, and the Social Sciences Citation Index. According to the Journal Citation Reports, its 2013 impact factor is 0.656, ranking it 85 out of 102 journals in the category ‘Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications’.[1] and 76 out of 105 journals in the category ‘Computer Science, Software Engineering’ In social simulation, computers support human reasoning activities by executing these mechanisms. This field explores the simulation of societies as complex non-linear systems, which are difficult to study with classical mathematical equation-based models. Robert Axelrod regards social simulation as a third way of doing science, differing from both the deductive and inductive approach; generating data that can be analysed inductively, but coming from a rigorously specified set of rules rather than from direct measurement of the real world. Thus, simulating a phenomenon is akin to generating it—constructing artificial societies. These ambitious aims have encountered several criticisms

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