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Sex Hormones

The 2 main sex hormones  estrogen and testosterone  have huge-ranging outcomes in the frame. Produced commonly by means of the ovaries (estrogen) and testes (testosterone), these hormones have an effect on no longer simply your sexual feature however also your bones, mind, and blood vessels, foAs people age, the natural decline in intercourse hormone ranges every so often reasons unwanted signs and symptoms, such as warm flashes or a flagging intercourse power. medical doctors can prescribe drugs, patches, gels, and lotions containing estrogen or testosterone to ease the ones signs and symptoms. but are these merchandise secure on your heart? Hormone therapy has a long, controversial history, specially with reference to estrogen. For girls, advice about estrogen therapy has shifted dramatically over the many years in reaction to research findings. however for men, tips concerning testosterone aren as robust because of a dearth of lengthy-time period research of men taking this hormone. Following is a summary of what we recognise — and do not know — approximately the cardiovascular outcomes of hormone therapy.for many years, many ladies took estrogen (often blended with progesterone, another sex hormone) beginning around menopause, while hormone ranges begin losing. a few sought relief from warm flashes, vaginal dryness, and other menopause-associated symptoms
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