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In several cases professors would force that students utilize articles from “peer-reviewed” journals. generally the phrases “refereed journals” or “scholarly journals” square measure accustomed describe constant sort of journals. however what square measure peer-reviewed (or refereed or scholarly) journal articles, and why do college need their use?
Peer review is that the analysis of labor by one or a lot of individuals with similar competencies because the producers of the work. It functions as a sort of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession inside the relevant field. 
Peer review is that the essential half for maintaining substantial normal in publication and brings out the simplest doable scientific novel info from the potential authors and researchers globally. This Open Access house has around 700+ peer-reviewed journals, 50,000 eminent and far-famed Editorial Board members, and extremely qualified, skilled reviewers to fulfill the objectives of the Peer-Review method. Our peer-review policies square measure extremely appreciated, accepted and pliant to the standards that are prescribed by the international agencies like federal agency, PubMed etc. over one thousand Conferences square measure organized per annum globally that square measure graced by the eminent scientists of the several fields.
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