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Diary of Single Cell Biology (ISSN: 2168-9431) centers around new advancements and their applications in clinical and organic investigations at single-cell goals and frequently at a genome-wide scale empowering another comprehension of complex natural wonders. Single-cell science is another field consolidating numerous controls. The innovations created in genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics and different fields are regularly utilized in this new order. A few instruments in conventional material science, science and novel strategies in arithmetic are additionally adding to the capacity to examine science at the single-cell level.   Single Cell Biology concentrated on zones like Cell Metabolism, Cell flagging, Cell Physiology, Stem Cell Niche, Stem Cell , Cancer Cell science, Protein Fuction, Structural science, Cell Movement, Cell Senescence, Immunohistochemistry, Cell fractionation, Immunoprecipitation, Cellular microbiology, Cellular compartments and so on.   Single Cell Biology is a companion looked into logical diary known for quick dispersal of top notch explore. This Single Cell Biology Journal with high effect factor offers an open access stage to the creators in the scholarly community and industry to distribute their novel research. It serves the International Scientific Community with its standard research distributions. This is a diary by the network and for the network. We empower specialists from science and medication to work with us to accomplish our objective. The diary will underscore significant level research of single-cell science as far as innovation, scholastic and clinical applications (particularly in vitro finding), information investigation, calculation and hypothesis and past. We will make a solid effort to keep up a top notch diary that is inventive and accommodating to specialists in natural and clinical science.   We wish to support more commitments from fundamental research, biomedical, modern and clinical labs to guarantee proceeded with accomplishment of the diary. We welcome the accommodation of unique research, surveys of the writing, short correspondences, analyses, case reports, book audits.   The diary is utilizing Editorial Tracking System for quality in audit process. Publication Tracking System is an online original copy accommodation, audit and following frameworks. Survey process is performed by the publication board individuals from Single Cell Biology or outside specialists; at any rate two autonomous analysts endorsement followed by supervisor endorsement is required for acknowledgment of any citable original copy. Creators may submit compositions and keep tabs on their development through the framework, ideally to distribution. Commentators can download original copies and present their suppositions to the manager. Editors can deal with the entire accommodation/survey/reconsider/distribute process.

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