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Aromatic plants are a special kind of plants used for their aroma and flavour. Many of them are also used for medicinal purposes. Aromatic plants are from a numerically large group of economically important plants. These are increasing demand for essential oils, aroma chemicals drugs and pharmaceuticals in the world market since two decades. Aromatic compounds are present in plants i.e. in root, wood, bark, foliage, flower, fruit, seed etc. Medicinal plants and extracts are increasingly important export products for many developing countries. As populations age and consumers’ preference for natural health products increases, medicinal plants present a niche that exporters in many least developed countries (LDCs) are looking to develop for sustainable production and export trade.ITC’s Market Insider reports on medicinal plants and extracts address the lack of readilya vailable market information on the international trade of Medicinal Plants produced and exported by developing countries and LDCs.

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