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A study was conducted to investigate the effect of variety and fermentation time on rice wine quality. Two rice varieties, X- Jigna and Gomera, and three fermentation times, 5, 6 and 7 days were used to study the physicochemical and sensory qualities of wine. Significant difference was observed at P<0.05 among the rice varieties with respect to different wine quality parameters and maximum pH (4.98), total soluble solids (3.83 °Brix) and overall sensory acceptance (4.32) were recorded for rice wine prepared from X- Jigna with 5 days of fermentation time. Wine prepared from Gomera variety for 7 days of fermentation time recorded the highest alcohol content (15.47%) followed by X- Jigna variety with the same days of fermentation time (14.90%). In comparison, the wine from Gomera rice variety with 6 days of fermentation time was found the least overall acceptance (3.84). Rice wine could, therefore, be produced for immediate consumption as a value added product and future research is still required to determine the potential of other rice varieties, the effect of other factors and the shelf life stability of the rice wine

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