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Ribbon Plant

Chlorophytum comosum is straightforward to grow as a houseplant; varicolored forms ar the foremost widespread. The 3 delineate varieties in C. comosum may well be AN example of this focused evolution of natural shape among the forest-dwelling varieties from species of disparate origin, resulting in the species C. comosum being polyphyletic, rather than the standard read of morphological divergence among the varieties inside the species with the idea of a standard origin (monophyly). The widespread C. comosum volt-ampere. comosum has slender, close to linear leaves that lack a stalk like plants found in cultivation and is just found growing at the margins of the rain forest. Chlorophytum comosum may be a widespread plant life. The species with all-green leaves forms solely atiny low proportion of plants sold-out. Spider plants have conjointly been shown to cut back indoor pollution within the variety of gas, and more or less seventy plants would neutralize the gas free by materials during a representative (ca. 160 m2 [1,700 sq ft]) energy-efficient house, presumptuous every plant occupies a three.8 L pot.

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