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The idea of drug safety, additionally called “Medication Safety”, isn't always new, especially in the developed countries in the discipline of health. For instance, we find in the United States of America (USA) an enjoy for extra than a century within the area of the safety of medications, and the use of these capsules brought about creation of latest acts or adjustments to the present ones. For example, in October 1937, using the antibiotic sulfanilamide precipitated the loss of life of extra than one hundred people within the USA. These deaths were not due to the lively factor itself; rather, they were due to the addition of diethylene glycol (DEG), the excipient used as a solvent for the lively drug. DEG changed into imagined to be inert, with no therapeutic benefits; however, it become the poisonous substance that caused those fatal facet effects. The corporation claimed they did no longer foresee these side effects, which was true, as they did no longer commit animal research earlier than they marketed the drug. Because of this incident, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted an act to ensure the protection of any drug by conducting non-clinical and clinical studies before the medication are marketed for public use.

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