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Reputed Robotic Surgery Journals

Only a very few journals maintain high values in terms of the content they publish, one has to be careful while picking information as content that is not reliable and untrue can be harmful to research as well as society. Generally, journals can be rated by considering impression factor, reputation of authors, editorial board members and also in terms of the fee they charge. Reputed journals have a good effect factor with reliable content that can be freely accessed worldwide. Maintaining high quality information needs rigorous evaluation of research, discussions between researchers and various other scholars, academicians etc. Information in reputed journals follow a systematic pattern with a particular style which is universally followed to avoid confusion. All the information should be unbiased, readily proven and can be challenged in any kind of situation. Each and every fact should be made clear by in case proper evidence thereby encouraging true scholar and safeguarding copyrights. Following such tough rules and evaluation can be costly, so publishers charge from the users who access the information, but, it will obstruct research as young researchers can afford it. Alternatively, fees can be thrilling from the researcher who has made the research and it can be free to the user who is interested in research thus, increasing the popularity and reputation to academic and enhancing knowledge to user.   

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