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Chemoradiotherapy (CRT, CRTx, CT-RT) is the mix of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat disease. Equivalent words incorporate radiochemotherapy (RCT, RCTx, RT-CT) and chemoradiation.Chemoradiotherapy is the mix of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat malignant growth. Equivalent words incorporate radiochemotherapy and chemoradiation. Chemoradiation can be simultaneous or consecutive. The chemotherapy segment can be or incorporate a radiosensitizing operator. Radiotherapy is the standard treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer. Recent results of the prospective randomized trials have shown an overall survival and local control advantage for cisplatin-based therapy given concurrently with radiation therapy.Concurrent radiochemotherapy is a recommended treatment option for patients with locally advanced squamous cell head and neck carcinomas with recent data showing the most significant absolute overall and event-free survival benefit achieved in patients with oropharyngeal tumours. The aim of this study was to analyse the results of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy given with concomitant weekly cisplatin in patients with advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma and to identify prognostic factors influencing outcomes of this patients category.

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