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One of the principle items in this SSF procedure whose creation energy stayed overlooked by examiners is protein combination by the blended parasitic culture. The scientific condition portrayed by Luedekin–Piret  that includes a plot of explicit development rate (µ) versus item arrangement created a straight line whose incline is the development related co-proficient (α) and the catch is non-development related boundary (β) was utilized to watch protein blend by contagious blended culture. The model sufficiently depicted the item combination having R2 of 0.988  Likewise, the estimations of the model co-efficient(s) indicated that item development isn't parasitic development subordinate The non-development affiliation could be credited to the nearness of other extracellular items, for example, cellulase and α-amylase chemicals that are similarly proteins, however must be answerable for the change of complex starches in the substrate to straightforward sugars . Result announced here indicated that item development assurance after microbial development could be item area explicit (intracellular or extracellular). Bio-hydrogen under SSF and biodiesel creation were both development subordinate within the sight of various substrates  

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