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This initial expertise with naked sequence transfer as sole medical care for cardiac muscle ischemia suggests that direct cardiac muscle injection of naked inclusion body DNA, via a minimally invasive chest wall incision, is safe and will cause reduced symptoms and improved cardiac muscle insertion in chosen patients with chronic cardiac muscle ischemia. Intramuscular transfection of genes encryption angiogenic cytokines1 could represent an alternate treatment strategy for patients with severe cardiac muscle ischemia. This strategy is intended to push the event of supplemental collateral blood vessels which will represent endogenous bypass conduits around occluded native arteries, a technique termed “therapeutic maturation.” This study describes the initial clinical expertise with cardiac muscle sequence transfer as sole medical care for refractory angina. 5 patients with chronic, severe angina underwent direct cardiac muscle sequence transfer of naked DNA encryption tube epithelial tissue protein (VEGF). there have been no operative complications. All patients intimate marked symptomatic improvement and/or objective proof of improved cardiac muscle insertion. This preliminary clinical expertise suggests that therapeutic maturation represents a probably helpful strategy for patients with arteria coronaries sickness.

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