European Journal of Clinical Oncology

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Pharyngeal Cancer High Impact Factor Journals

Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop in your throat(pharynx), voice box(larynx) or tonsils. Your throat may be a muscular tube that begins behind ur nose and ends in your neck. Throat cancer also can affect the peice of cartilage (epiglottis) that acts as a lid for your wind pipe.Pharyngeal cancer are often reduced by not smoking, not chwing tobacco and limitingalcohol consumption. High-impact journals are those considered to be highly influential in their respective fields. The impact factor of journal provides quantitative assessment tool for grading, evaluating, sorting and comparing journals of comparable kind. It reflects the typical number of citations to recent articles published in science and science journals during a particular year or period, and is usually used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field. it's first devised by Eugene Garfield, the founding father of the Institute for Scientific Information.

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