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Green structure is an all-encompassing idea that begins with the understanding that the fabricated condition can have significant impacts, both constructive and pessimistic, on the common habitat, just as the individuals who occupy structures each day. Green structure is a push to enhance the positive and relieve the negative of these impacts all through the whole life pattern of a structure. Green structures protect valuable characteristic assets and improve our personal satisfaction. There are various highlights which can make a structure 'green'. A 'green' building is a structure that, in its plan, development or activity, diminishes or dispenses with negative effects, and can make positive effects, on our atmosphere and indigenous habitat. This information can be published in our peer-reviewed journal with impact factors and are calculated using citations not only from research articles but also review articles (which tend to receive more citations), editorials, letters, meeting abstracts, short communications, and case reports. The inclusion of these publications provides the opportunity for editors and publishers to manipulate the ratio used to calculate the impact factor and try to increase their number rapidly. Impact factor plays a major role for the particular journal. Journal with higher impact factor is considered to be more important than other ones.

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