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Oral Submucous Fibrosis (Osf) Online Journals

 Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) precancerous circumstance and is chronic, resistant disorder characterized by juxta-epithelial inflammatory reaction and modern fibrosis of the submucosal tissues. it's miles associated with juxta-epithelial inflammatory reaction observed with the aid of fibroelastic changes inside the lamina propria layer, in conjunction with epithelial atrophy which ends up in stress of the oral mucosa proceeding to trismus and problem in mouth establishing.” different phrases used to explain this situation are juxta-epithelial fibrosis, idiopathic scleroderma of the mouth, idiopathic palatal fibrosis, submucous fibrosis of the palate and pillars, sclerosing stomatitis, and diffuse OSMF.  OSMF nonetheless remains a quandary to the clinicians because of elusive pathogenesis and much less well-described class structures. through the years, many classification structures have been documented in clinical literature primarily based on medical, histopathological, or purposeful factors. but, none of those classifications have executed regularly occurring recognition. each class has its personal deserves and demerits.

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