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:  The Protein Journal (formerly the Journal of Protein Chemistry) publishes original research work on all aspects of proteins and peptides. These include studies concerned with covalent or three-dimensional structure determination (X-ray, NMR, cryoEM, EPR/ESR, optical methods, etc.), computational aspects of protein structure and function, protein folding and misfolding, assembly, genetics, evolution, proteomics, molecular biology, protein engineering, protein nanotechnology, protein purification and analysis and peptide synthesis, as well as the elucidation and interpretation of the molecular bases of biological activities of proteins and peptides. We accept original research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, hypotheses, opinion papers, and letters to the editor. We attempted to identify the total proteome in sesame lipid droplets. Results from two-dimensional electrophoresis showed 139 protein spots in lipid droplet samples. Each spot was isolated, digested with trypsin, and applied to liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (Q-Tof Premier). As a result, 103 spots were identified. Although oleosin, caleosin, and steroleosin are known major components of the lipid droplet, many other proteins were also found in the lipid droplet.

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