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The process through which healthy cells become transformed into cancer cells. It is characterized by a series of genetic and cellular changes, including oncogene activation, that lead the cell to divide in an uncontrolled manner. Oncogenesis or cancer formation is the expression of impaired cellular events in the favor of uncontrolled cell growth and proliferation. Carcinogenesis or oncogenesis is a process by which normal cells are transformed into cancer cells. OncoGenesis is addressing the tremendous, unmet clinical need for an easy to use and accurate screening of women for cervical cancer. An oncogene is a gene that has the potential to cause cancer.  In tumor cells, these genes are often mutated, or expressed at high levels. Most normal cells will undergo a programmed form of rapid cell death (apoptosis) when critical functions are altered and malfunctioning. Mutations in proto-oncogenes are typically dominant in nature, and the mutated version of a proto-oncogene is called an oncogene. Oncogenes are genes the defective version of which is responsible for the production of an abnormal protein that can transform a normal cell into a cancerous one.

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