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Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with building things - generally, materials and contrivances - on the scale of atoms and molecules. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter: ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The diameter of a human hair is, on average, 80,000 nanometers. Nanotechnology is a relatively incipient branch of science which involves manipulation of properties of matter at Nano scale. The premise of nanotechnology lies in the fact that the properties of an element or compound can be manipulated facilely when it subsists in its Nano form (diameter of 1-100nm). Nanotechnology Journals are an astronomically immense corpus of Nanotechnology cognate information; they highlight cutting edge developments in nanotechnology and its applications such as micro-fabrication, Nano-medicine, Nano-electronics, molecular biology and Nano-engineering. As nanotechnology is an ascending field there is a plethora of interest amongst the Philomath’s regarding the subject; Nanotechnology Journals cater to the same and engender scientific curiosity amongst their readers. "Journal of Nanotechnology is one of the open access journals in Nano medicine & nanotechnology. The open access policy of the journals aims at incrementing the overtness and accessibility of the published content and thus providing the desirable researches to the readers. It mainly provides comprehensive aspects molecular nanotechnology, Nano sensors, Nano particles, Nano drugs, drug distribution, nanomaterial’s, Nanobiotechnology, Nanobiopharmaceutics, Nano electronics, Nano-contrivances, Nano robotics. The top open access journals are liberatingly available on the public internet domain, sanctioning any cessation users to read, download, copy, distribute, prink, search or link to the full texts of the articles. These provide high quality, meticulously reviewed and expeditious publication, to cater the insistent desideratum of scientific community. These journals are indexed with all their citations noted. The top open access journals are indexed in SCOPUS, COPERNICUS, CAS, EBSCO and ISI. The Journal of and Nanotechnology primarily fixates on synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and nanomaterial for engineering, biological and biomedical applications as well as innovative theoretical concepts having substantial pharmacological, toxicological or clinical pertinence. Nanotechnology includes the manuscript cognate to Nano medicine, Nanotechnology, Material Science Research, Nanobiotechnology, Nano engineering, Nanobiopharmaceutics, Nano electronics, Nano fluids, Nano distribution, etc. The journal is an online international Journal publishing all aspects of Nano medicine and Nanotechnology including research article, review article, case study, mini-review, opinion, editorial, prospective, etc. Journal is endeavoring to engender the rudimentary platform to maintain the international community for upcoming researcher. The journal emboldens researchers, edifiers, academicians, medicos, faculties, and students from all over the world to submit their findings or incipient results cognate to the journal. All articles will be published and archived through single blind peer-review process. Readers can access or download the published articles free of cost. Journal is following peer-review and publication under open access ingenious commons attribution license. The Journal is utilizing Editorial Tracking System for quality in review process. Editorial Tracking is an online manuscript submission, review and tracking system. Review processing is performed by the editorial board member of Nanotechnology: An Overview or outside experts; at least two independent reviewers’ approbation followed by editor approbation is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript.

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